Hello and welcome to my minimalist website. I am known as Pakkanen in most circles. Here are 5 facts about me:

  1. I'm a software developer (What? Can't you tell?)
  2. I like cats
  3. I love TTRPGs
  4. I'm currently gamemastering 3 campaigns (2 Shadowdark RPG, 1 Index Card RPG)
  5. I'm playing in one campaign (5e)

This page is mostly dedicated to blogging about TTRPGs and displaying all of my published adventures for different games. If you like my stuff, consider following me on to be notified of future publications.


Adventure catalog

Ruins of The Immortal Warlord

In this short 3rd level dungeon crawl, the party investigate a ruined island fortress to solve a mysterious puzzle box. Designed for Shadowdark RPG.

Download free PDF of the adventure on a skeleton in a kimono wearing a crown

Tomb of The Demiserpent

Unpolished lvl 1-2 dungeon crawl for Shadwodark RPG where the party encounters fanatical snake cultists!

View and comment on the draft

Forgotten Forge of The Dverg

Dungeon crawl set in the isles of Andrik.

Coming soon...